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How to Get Boys to Read

“I just don’t like books Mrs. Bardsley!”

That was a refrain I sometimes heard from boys when I use to be a teacher. Typically, the third grade boys who would say this entered my classroom only able to read at the first grade reading level. No wonder they didn’t like reading!

If you are an eight-year-old boy, easy readers seem uncool and babyish.

So if you are an adult with a reluctant reader in your life, here are some books that are guaranteed to inspire reading. They are not at the first grade reading level exactly, but they have a lot of picture cues to help facilitate independent reading.

The whole collection of Captain Underpants books take toilet humor to new lows. Yuck! Be prepared to hear a lot of poop jokes.

The Adventures of Daniel Boom AKA Loud Boy by D.J. Steinberg are only a half-step up in merit from Captain Underpants. Instead of toilet humor, brace yourself for your son to start reading in a very loud shouting voice from his bedroom that is sure to wake up your two-year-old from her nap.

Boy this is a bizarre recommendation, but the little comic book that comes with Skechers Zstraps are really great for boys too. This is the easiest read on my list. It’s too bad Skechers are so expensive!

Boys’ Life magazine!  Yet another reason to join Cub Scouts.

I do not understand Bill Watterson’s humor and yet somehow he speaks directly to the male soul.

Remember when working with reluctant readers that reverse psychology is your friend.

Make a big deal about how you don’t think comic books are quality literature, and how you would really prefer your son read something else. Then watch your son go hole up in his room and read away!

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