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One Sentence a Day

Have you ever seen my Where to Start page? If so, you know that reading and writing a daily Morning Message is something I really encourage.

But sometimes what works for kid #1 does not work for kid #2.

Jenna keeps wrestling the pen from me every time I bring out the whiteboard. It’s been like this for a while, so I’ve finally gave up on doing a Morning Message with her. That meant I had to thinking of something else.

Daily Sentences to the rescue!!!!

I write a new sentence each day, and then we tape it to the wall. When Jenna reads the sentence with me, she gets a gummy bear. We also read the sentences from the previous day, and read them again to Daddy when my husband gets home from work.

Daily sentences strips aren’t nearly as good as a Morning Message, but they’re better than nothing. The reason a Morning Message would still be better, is because kids see the thought process going into the formation of each word. There’s also more content, and you can do some fancy underlining.

But maybe I’ll think of ideas to make Daily Sentences a bit better, as we go along.

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