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Flashlight Reading

Do your kids have random flashlights floating around the house? Don’t pack them away with the camping gear just yet!
Daily Sentences go from ho-hum to super-fun with a little illumination.
Here’s what we’ve been doing:

  • Write a new sentence each day and tape it on the wall.
  • Read every sentence each day.
  • Read the sentences to Daddy when he gets home.

An extra trick is to read vertically as well as horizontally.

We don’t just practice reading the sentences straight across, we also read down the chart too. My daughter Jenna can read all of the words that say “on” for example. She can also read all of the words that say “I”. Shining the flashlight on each word she reads makes it extra fun.

The rule at our house is that sometimes mommy gets to shine the light on words and sometimes Jenna gets to. We take turns! That’s an important ground rule for any of this to work. 😉

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