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Beach Phonics

Today, Jenna(2.5) woke up and spearheaded our entire family into donning boots, fleece and scarves to go to the beach this morning. In addition to a lot of fun playing…

…we also took a moment to write out words and letters in the sand.

Jenna and I both took turns writing with the stick, although her “letters” were just a bunch of scratches. She can write Os, Xs, and a few other letters, but writing letters in wet sand is really hard. It works a major amount of gross muscles that are really good for preschoolers to practice using.

To tap into fine motor muscles, I tried to have Jenna fill in the letters with rocks, but that didn’t last too long.

There were too many other fun things to do, like throwing rocks instead!

P.S. Keep that and picture in mind because I have a whole post to write about Dyslexia one of these days. Finding ways to make conjunctions and articles “concrete” is one of the tips I learned after reading The Gift of Dyslexia by Ronald D. Davis.

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