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All About Spelling, Organizing Your Materials

I’ve blogged for a while about how much I love All About Spelling, but I’ve never really described a basic aspect of the program that all AAS users have to contend with: where do you store all of the components that go with it? Since I have a 6 year old and a 2 year old in the house, this is a big issue. I’m very paranoid about my daughter eating magnets, and so I want to be sure I’m storing everything safely but still in a way that allows for easy access when it’s time for spelling lesson with my son.

Luckily, I have a very old china cabinet from the 1970s, combined with ugly 1980s wallpaper in the dining room that we haven’t gotten around to replacing. Together, they form the perfect AAS storage solution! Who cares if either the china cabinet or the wallpaper gets scratched? I keep the board behind the cabinet. Normally I push the board all the way behind it so my daughter can’t reach, but in this picture it is peaking out so you can get the idea that it’s back there.

I store the AAS books and card box on top of the china cabinet, next to the Right Start materials we are currently using. This makes for easy access whenever my son does homework on the dining room table.

All of our AAS cards are in the box, which was money well spent!

At the end of each lesson I make sure the entire letter tiles are accounted for and in their proper place on the board. I also prep the next lesson by pulling the cards and pieces and putting them in the teacher’s guide. That way, the next time Bruce says “Let’s do spelling”, I’m already to go before he loses interest.

Gosh that wall paper is hideous! Decor wise, this isn’t the best solution. My 1970s/1980s dining room is really depressing. But I feel lucky that we have a good space to do schoolwork without worrying about messing up expensive furniture.

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