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Watch the Mariners Play at Safeco Field

Last night we had the most amazing experience that I think I’m going to have to break my cardinal rule about not sharing pictures of children’s faces online for just this once.

My husband, Bruce(7), and I all went to see the Mariners play the Twins at Safeco field with the Stanford Club of Washington alumni association. As part of this, we got to meet Chuck Armstrong, the president of the Mariners, as well as Shannon Drayer, the insightful and dedicated Mariners reporter, tweeter, and blogger. We also met Mr. Armstrong’s incredible wife Susan, who was a real pleasure to talk to.

Then, right before the game was about to start, a woman approached my son “Bruce” and asked if he would like to yell out “Play Ball!” on the field, and get the game started! Bruce was really nervous but he said yes.

We all got special passes, and then we headed out onto the field.

We got to see the players warm up, and the umpires come out. Jamey Carroll of the Minnesota Twins shook my son’s hand!

By this point, Bruce was getting super nervous! When the ladies had him practice saying “Play Ball!” he was pretty reserved. Kate was probably thinking she had picked the wrong kid.

But when it came time to perform, Bruce yelled out “Play Ball!” with enough vim and vigor that everyone was really impressed. I was so proud of him, that I can hardly begin to tell you.

Afterwards, we all went up to the box with the other Stanford alumni and ate junk food until we were about to be sick. We also got to cheer the Mariners onto victory over the Twins at the very last second.


The last thing I have to add has nothing to do with sports whatsoever. In the box, I got the chance to talk to a young Stanford alumna who graduated with a degree in Psychology (like me), and who had worked at Bing Nursery School (like me too). Now she works in Olympia for the state of Washington with the goal of improving early learning opportunities for young children in daycare.

I can’t remember this woman’s name, but I had a magical time talking to her. It was like we could finish each other’s sentences! We had taken classes from all of the same professors, and remembered all of the same experiments. I was greatly impressed with the quality of education she had received as a Psychology major from Stanford, and in that moment, equally grateful for what I had been given too.

A Psychology major might not have equipped either of us to head off into the workforce as high income earners like an Engineering or Computer Science degree might have done, but we were both taking what we had learned at Stanford and using it to try to make a difference in early childhood education; each in our own ways.

So thank you Professors Bandura, Lepper, Gotlieb and so many others, for being our teachers. Thank you also to Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong, Ms. Drayer, and Mr. Carroll for an evening that the Bardsley family will never forget.

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