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Homeschooling Your Two Year Old

Full Disclaimer: I titled this post to help with my Google crawl, because really we are an Afterschooling family and not Homeschoolers. But now that I have your attention… 🙂 Bruce(6) began his first day of first grade today, which leaves Jenna(25m) and I a lot of quality time together. My plan is to do about 10-20 minutes of seat-work with her each day. I’m keeping things fast and fun. Here’s what we did this morning:

I started things off with a Morning Message. Normally I do this on a mini-whiteboard, but today we just used paper. Notice that Jenna “helped” write the message with me. After we read the Morning Message several times, Jenna asked to write Os. I don’t have a picture of this, but we wrote a lot of Os!

Then I played secretary, and had Jenna tell me a story. This is the first story she has ever told me that I have written down verbatim. I’m not sure where she gets her inspiration. I am not pregnant!!!

Our next activity combined fine motor skills and pattern work. We used little post-it flags to create an A-B-A-B pattern. Picking up the flags is a great way to strengthen the muscles Jenna will eventually use to grasp a pencil. The picture above represents a lot of facilitation on my part to complete the pattern correctly.

This shot is Jenna making a pattern by herself. Or should I say “pattern”?

Finally, to wrap things up we sang “Yellow is the Sun” and laid out the sticks. This is from Dr. Joan Cotter’s outstanding Right Start Mathematics program. Hopefully in the next year or two Jenna will be ready for level A. Until then we are working on visulaization instead of just counting.

There you go! Jenna was sitting at the table for less than 20 minutes and now we are ready to play with toys, dress up, visit the library, and dig around in the backyard for the rest of the day. For more ideas on fun learning activities you can do with young children at home please see my Where to Start page.

Yellow is the Sun

Today was a big day for us!   Jenna, (23 months), laid out all of the sticks in the correct order 1-5 while we sang “Yellow is the Sun” together.  This is a song from the Right Start Math curriculum.  She even held her hand out when we sang the line “My whole hand makes five”.  I’ve modified the words a bit to make them more meaningful to Jenna.  “Yellow is the sun, Jenna shows you one” etc.

Of course, when we got to six she wiped all of the sticks away!

We shelled out $5 to buy the book, but you could do this activity for free at home because the music is posted on the Activites for Learning website:  http://www.alabacus.com/pageView.cfm?pageID=309  I guess I should think about buying the Level A teacher’s guide in the next six month or so.