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Get an early start on the SATs

Help kids build vocab the sneaky way.

Help kids build vocab the sneaky way.

Two years ago I began 2012 with the goal of blogging with one new word a day, the entire year. (I gave up around April.) But my family did keep learning new words, thanks to our 365 New Words-a-Year 2014 Page-A-Day Calendar.

By 2013 we were burnt out on vocabulary, so we took a year off. Now it’s a fresh new year and we’re ready to roll. Plus, all of the 2014 calendars are on sale.

The way I use my calendar to help my kids get an early start on the SAT is by sneaking in new words into ordinary conversation.

Here’s an example using the beginning words from 2014:

“Wow! The weather is really yucky today. Is that snow or is that graupel? I hope it’s snow because grainy snow pellets aren’t much fun to play in. If I was a zillionaire, I’d take us on vacation to Hawaii. Then we could gambol about the beach, skipping and frolicking in the ocean water.

It’s just as well that we’re stuck at home. So-an-so is coming down with a cold. I hope he uses a tissue because I don’t want to find coughed up phlegm all over the place.”

Okay, that’s not the best example. It’s better to only use one word at a time. The trouble is coming up with words to use in the first place. That’s where the calendar comes in handy.

I’m still getting a handle on the Teaching My Baby To Read FB page, but maybe that’s a way where I can share words, and help moms and dads like me remember to use them.

Ab initio, from the beginning, (of January); here we go!