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Save your $ on this one

 I saw these cards at the Target Dollar Spot recently, and picked them up for Jenna(26m).  Frankly, I don’t think they are even worth a dollar.  Okay, maybe if you didn’t have any learning things at all in your house they would be worth it.  Or maybe you could use them as a really lame stocking stuffer in a few months.  That’s about all these would be good for.

Why do I dislike them so much?  First off, there are no instructions.  That’s fine for a former K-4 teacher like me, but what about folks who don’t have 100 phonics activities committed to memory?  The next problem is that the cards are not interactive at all.  There is no reason to flip the cards over to check your answer for example. 

So really…  I know they just cost $1 but if you see them at Target save your money!