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“m” Sound Box

Sound Boxes are a wonderful ways to encourage phonemic awareness with young children. Here’s our latest Sound Box, for “mmmmm”.  It was slim pickings around the house for this sound, let me tell you!  But we finally found milk, a muffin and some monkeys.  If could find a picture of myself I guess we could add mommy latter on.

We also got out the “t” box and decided to add Jenna’s toes, and Bruce’s tie.  It’s so much fun to see how Jenna is learning her sounds!  I need to get more tissue boxes that are the right size, so we can make more boxes.

Here is our “c/k” box, from a few months ago.  The next sound on our list to make will be /p/.

Sound Box

Ta-ta-ta-TA!  Here is our new /t/ sound box.  We have a train, toothbrush, tube, tissue, tea and a teddy.

I should probably have put the /k/ box away when I introduced this one, because Jenna has instantly taken to playing with the two boxes together.  This is a great discrimination activity, but she is still not quite ready for it.  Jenna really likes to dump all of the objects onto the floor, and then put them back one by one.  Her accuracy is only slightly better than 50/50 at this point, but it’s only been one day.