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Seed Tape With My Two Year Old

I have no idea if this will work at all, but today Jenna(2.5) and I made seed tape for spinach and arugula seeds. We used paper towels, a paintbrush, and a paste made of whole wheat flour and water. I followed instructions I found here.

Jenna was “helpful” for about seven minutes, and then went off to watch Elmo while I finished. Spinach seeds are really hard for a two year old to pick up.

I wanted to try using seed tape this year instead of directly sowing my spinach and arugula seeds because I am a very lazy planter. I am much better with seeds you can scatter, like lettuce. To make matters worse, my husband is an engineer, and so he is exceeding careful whenever he plants beets. Then, he spends the rest of the summer mocking my rows.  Let’s see who’s the most obsessive planter this year! 🙂