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Kids, Veggies and the Food Mover


If you’ve ever wondered “Have my kids eaten any vegetables today?” then this post is for you.

Like many moms I’m engaged in a never-ending battle to get my kids to eat more vegetables. With my son it’s easy. He’ll try anything from kale to artichokes. My daughter on the other hand prefers “crunchy lettuce, washed broccoli” and not much else.

Keeping track of what they actually eat is difficult. So I decided to try an experiment. I ordered a Richard Simmons Food Mover Kit for each person in the family. On Amazon they were less than $7 each.

The kits came with inspirational videos which I donated to the library as well as instructional booklets.


You can customize each  Food Mover with different caloric needs. There’s also a social emotional learning component at the bottom that focuses on qualities like being forgiving and patient.

I don’t want anyone in my family to lose weight; I just want us to focus on balanced eating. If we eat more calories than the Food Mover says that’s no big deal. But I do want everyone to close their vegetable windows!

Each night at 6:30 we sit at the kitchen table together, eat dinner and close off our windows.

A week into this experiment my daughter has learned what protein is and that she probably doesn’t eat enough because she never eats meat, poultry, fish or tofu. But now thanks to the Food Mover she’ll ask me for almonds. I feel like that’s a step in the right direction. She’s still indifferent to eating vegetables, but the rest of the family is fully committed.

For me as a mom the Food Mover makes me a better meal planner because it forces me to think ahead. How exactly will I help my family close those vegetable windows? As the primary chef and shopper it’s mainly up to me.

I’m not sure how long this experiment will last, but hopefully mindful eating will have a lasting effect.