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A Reading Chart That Didn’t Work

At least it was only $3.

At least it was only $3.

Here’s an idea that totally failed this summer.  Not only that, but on my new WP blog I can’t figure out how to enlarge pictures, so I’m striking out on that point too.  You probably can’t even see what this is a picture of!

The backstory is that I found a really cheap reading poster kit at the craft store for about $3.  I put it up in our family room the first day of summer.  I also found some notepads shaped like books.  The plan was to write down every single book we read this summer, and hang the papers below the respected genre chart.

The problem is that Bruce(8) reads a ton of books but isn’t interested at all in recording what he reads.  Jenna(4) can’t read a book all on her own yet, plus she doesn’t write, so it was all up to me to use the system.  I get an “F”.

Sigh…  At least I’m only out $5 for the whole endeavor.