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The Queen’s Pirate

We have just spent the last few days listening to “The Queen’s Pirate” by Jim Weiss several times. It tells the story of both Queen Elizabeth I and Sir Francis Drake. This CD is very good, but I would pass on purchasing this if you already own Story of the World 2 on audio because it is redundant. “The Queens Pirate” does do a better job in telling the story of the defeat of the Spanish Armada however, and includes the part about the English fire ships forcing the Spanish galleons to cut anchor and flee. I was very bummed that Susan Wise Bauer left that part out of SOTW2!

I bought two copies of this CD and will be giving the second one as part of a Christmas gift to one of our nieces or nephews.

Incidentally, here’s a picture of Traitor’s Gate which Princess Elizabeth passed through when her sister Mary imprisoned her in the Tower of London.