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Beep Beep Woo Woo

Croup?  Slap cheek?  The common cold?  What haven’t we had this past month! 

That’s why I’m creating a new Pinterest Board.  It’s called Mommy Sick Days.  The whole board will be about activites you can do with your kids when all you want to do is lay on the couch.

Beep Beep Woo Woo is the perfect game for Mommy Sick Days.

My sister invented it when she was two.  All you do is lay on the couch and put your feet up on the coffee table.  Then your kids run around the coffee table in circles.  When they get to your legs they say “Beep Beep”.  You say “Woo Woo” and lift up your legs for them to pass.

It’s ridiculously simple and yet ridicioulsy fun.

I’m a Pinterest Newbie

I figure I better get my butt in gear and join the Pinterest craze.

I’ve set up my Pinterest boards and I invite you all to follow me!

I want to follow you too, but I’m a little pathetic at the moment, and am just figuring out how to do this.  I’m hoping that Michele from Morning Hugs and Goodnight Kisses is going to help hold my hand through this.  Be sure to check out her boards too.

In the meantime, feel free to leave a comment below and give me lots of bossy advice.  I need it!  Please also leave a link with your boards below so I can follow all of your pins.  (If that’s how this works.  Honestly, I’m still really confused.)

Thank you Pinterest People!

I just wanted to say thank you to all of my readers who have shared my ideas on Pinterest. This is really special to me because I don’t know any of you in real life and I am not a Pinterest person myself. Actually, I’m sort of clueless about the whole thing.

What’s funny to me is that the most shared idea is for CVC Flip Books. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking my own project. It’s just weird how social sharing and the web works. Out of all of the ideas I’ve ever blogged about; it’s funny that it is CVC Flip Books that was the most popular.

If I was a pinner on Pinterest, these are the two ideas from my blog that I would share. I can’t take credit for creating these lessons, just blogging about them. I learned about both of these math activities from master educators when I was teaching third grade.

Peanut Buttering (Reducing) Fractions

Square Numbers and Square Roots

Probably if I wasn’t spending my free time blogging, I’d be pinning away. Or if I was a better blogger, I’d have a Facebook page for Teaching My Baby to Read and also be on Pinterest. But then I wouldn’t have any time to write my blog. 🙂 So once again, I’d like to give BIG thank you to those of you who are on Pinterest, and who have brought my ideas there for me.