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Canterbury Tales for Kids

Let me tell you about one of my more inane book purchases from this past year.  It is Barbara Cohen’s Canterbury Tales, and I had originally chosen it in mind for my SLE Inspired Reading List.  The problem is that it includes very adult subject matter not appropriate for children.  For some reason, I couldn’t tell this by reading the Amazon reviews at the time.  It looks like it’s going to be a kiddie version of The Canterbury Tales, but it is definitely not!

To be fair, in Barbara Cohen’s translation the illustrations are really beautiful and the writing is witty.  This would be a fun gift to give to an adult who loves the Middle Ages.  But it is not a good fit for kids at all.  A better choice for children would be Mary Poe Osborne’s Favorite Medieval Tales, which includes Chaucer’s “Chanticleer and the Fox”.  Please learn from my mistake!

Kids Discover Magazine

How sweet is this? Bruce’s new issue of “Kids Discover” magazine came yesterday, and it is all about the Middle Ages! What a great compliment to Story of the World Volume 2, which we are continuing to listen to.

In case you are interested in ordering the back issue of this particular issue on the Middle Ages, it is Volume 21, Issue 10, October 2011.

Story of the World Volume 2, Disc 4

Bruce(6) and I listened to disc 4 of Susan Wise Bauer’s wonderful book The Story of the World Volume 2 last night. We heard all about William the Conqueror, Harald, and the Battle of Hastings. We also learned about what castles were like at the turn of the first millennium.

Here is a picture of William the Conqueror’s fortress, The White Castle, that my husband and I took when we visited London last May.

Here’s another picture. Right now The White Tower is used as an armory/museum.

Look how thick the walls are!

This is the portcullis we walked through, just like Susan Wise Bauer describes in her section on castles.  Pretty cool!