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Ice Skating on Paper Plates

I stole this idea from Jenna’s Kindermusik teacher—ice skating on paper plates!  It works best if you have paper plates with waxy bottoms, which we unfortunately do not have at the moment.  But regular paper plates work okay too.  Turn on some music, scatter some plates, and skate over the living room carpet to your heart’s content.

Very Cool Music Blog


As my regular blog readers know, my daughter Jenna(27m) has been attending a Kindermusik “ABC Music and Me” class this fall.  I’ve written about this previously here and here.

So, the jury is still out on whether or not we will continue into the winter term.  The teacher is great, the program seems wonderful, but there are only three kids in the class and I’m wondering if I should save our money for musical education when Jenna is older.  My mom is taking Jenna to class tomorrow, and I’ll be interested in hearing what she thinks  because she has been a piano teacher for over fifty years, and my grandfather was a musician in the San Diego Symphony.

In the meantime, I’d like to share with you a very cool blog that includes many posts about the benefits of Kindermusik: It is called Making Music with Kids.  The author of this blog has very poignant post about Music in a Down Economy.  I’ll have to pass it along to Jenna’s music teacher.  It must be very hard on Jenna’s teacher to only have three students in the class.  I wonder if she is even able to break even.  😦