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August in the Garden

What you are seeing are beans, beets, chard, asparagus, nasturtiums, tomatoes, and pumpkin.

We also are getting artichokes…

…and peas.

I don’t know if you can tell from the pictures, but we have really big cedar trees in our yard, so there is never very much sun.  That makes tomatoes very difficult to ripen.  So far we haven’t had any yet, but we do have some killer green ones.

The big question would be “Are we saving any money by growing a garden?” That answer would be NO!  But it is a lot of fun.  🙂

“Messing” around in the garden

I promise you this isn’t an obnoxious my-garden-is-so-wonderful post; in fact it’s the opposite. My garden would be pretty nice, if I didn’t have a two year old helping me at every step of the way. Kind of how our house would be really beautiful if my family didn’t live here.

There has been a lot of planting and replanting of seeds and Jenna is also quite fond of “making rivers” with the hose. There is now so much garden soil in our bathtub that we might have to call the plumber.

I finally had to ask myself, what was my main goal for having a vegetable garden? Is it to save money on our food budget or is it to teach my children about where food comes from, and the effort it takes to grow? For me, education always trumps budget (do you hear my wallet screaming?), so I finally broke down and bought transplants. If Jenna ends up destroying those with too much enthusiasm, then so be it.

Do you want your own garden for your preschooler to man-handle, but are short of space? Forgotten potatoes are always fun too.

We are watering these and putting them in a sunny window to see what happens. 🙂

March Madness

March is usually pea-planting time where we live, but this month I’ve been lazy.  It’s a good thing too, because today we woke up to snow!

Our composters were frozen shut.

Asparagus tips were poking up through ice.

Our artichokes and rhubarb got pounded.  I think I might wait until April to put my kids to work planting peas this year…