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Descartes for Kids


As part of my SLE Inspired Reading List for Children Part 2, I wanted to introduce my son Bruce to the philosopher and mathematician Rene Descartes. You’ll probably be shocked to hear this, but finding a kiddie version of Discourse on Method & Meditations etc. was next to impossible. What I did end up purchasing was The Fly on the Ceiling, A Math Reader by Dr. Julie Glass. It’s not exactly high philosophy, but it does introduce children to the name “Descartes” and the basic concept of Cartesian Coordinates.

The Fly on the Ceiling, a Math Reader is a level four book from the Step Into Reading collection. That means that it is somewhere in the middle of a second grade reading level. Ironically, even though Bruce is in first grade, I hadn’t sat down and read a book at this grade level to him since he was four. He was pretty excited that we were reading something so quick and easy. That’s a lesson for me!