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Just by Jaime, Review and Giveaway

Our super cute order from Just by Jaime

Our super-cute order from Just by Jaime

Another great find from Etsy!!!

Over the past few years I’ve blogged about some of my favorite purchases from Etsy: our family rules artwork, our chore chart, my daughter’s apron, and my genius envelope wallet. Now I have a new Etsy discovery to share with you– Just by Jaime!

Shop owner Jaime Saunders Archer also happens to be a college friend from Stanford, my sorority sister, and a former third grade teacher. She knows a ton about art history and is a gifted nature photographer.

Jaime’s also very crafty. She has a line of hair accessories that I absolutely love.

Dressier than elastic, but won't slip off.

Dressier than elastic, but won’t slip off.

Do remember scrunchies?  In retrospect they were ridiculous, but the nice thing about scrunchies is that they were fancier than a plain rubber band. Well, Jaime’s hair bands are a modern perfection. Then look really polished and don’t slip off. She also makes headbands and clips.

Adjustable for different sized heads.

Adjustable for different sized heads.

My daughter loves them!

My daughter loves them!

Are you interested? If so, great news because we’re doing a giveaway! Enter the raffle for your chance to win.

Edited: 3/6/14  (Sorry, the raffle is now closed.)

Chore Chart Adds Up

Purchased from "More Thank a Memory"

Purchased from “More Thank a Memory”

Is housecleaning getting you down? Do you wish your kids pitched in more? Have you tried and failed at implementing a traditional allowance system with your kids?

My answer would be yes to all three questions.

So a couple of weeks ago I scoured Etsy for a new plan. More Than a Memory caught my interest. You choose the chores, set the prices, and get one board for each child.

Probably you could make this yourself at home, but I was feeling very low on time and inspiration at the moment.  Luckily, I had some money in my Pay Pal account, so I was all set to let More Than a Memory be creative for me.


Our new chore chart came on Friday and we’ve had fun with it all weekend.

(In real life, the two side boards have Bruce and Jenna’s real names on them, but I flipped the boards over for the purpose of privacy. )

When they each reach the $5 mark, they get paid.  That keeps me from dolling out a quarter here, a quarter there.


The hard part was figuring out how much to pay for each job.  I might have made some key  mistakes, I’m not sure yet.  I posted this on my personal Facebook wall, and my friends kept joking “Send your kids over to me.  I’ll pay them $5.50 to clean my whole house!”

For more ideas on kids and money, please check out my Pinterest board.


Petunia Fitzgerald Creations

A few weeks ago I shared with you my plans to purchase a custom “Family Rules” sign from Petunia Fitzgerald Creations. The shop owner, Janet, saw my post and offered my readers a 10% coupon code good through the end of June. What you see above is the final product! I have this sign hanging right over our piano and it looks beautiful.

Janet custom matched the sign to a sample of my dining room wallpaper that I sent her. She also worked with me to get all of my rules organized in just the right way. It was really meaningful to me when she sent back the first proof and had put the rules “Be Kind to Yourself” and “Plan for Success” right next to each other on the sign. In my original draft, those rules were very far apart. But together as a pair, they speak in a whole new way.

Can you tell that I have recently become an Etsy junkie? If any of my readers have their own Etsy store, please share your link below in the comment section. I just might become your next customer. 🙂