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When are Kids Ready to Learn?

Every child learns at a different rate and that’s okay.

But here’s the problem… I think that some parents and teachers get so caught up in accommodating developmental readiness, that they miss out on the opportunity to teach important academic concepts to young children.

I believe that children as young as 18 months are capable of learning Kindergarten level skills.

That’s the whole point of my blog!

Sound boxes

Bean activities.

The trick is to teach things like letters, sounds and phonics, through highly engaging, play-based activities.  A few key videos like Leap Frog’s Letter Factory can help too.

Still, developmental readiness is a real thing.

I have followed the same course of instruction for both Bruce and Jenna, starting at 18 months old.  (Check out my Where to Start Page for more info.)  But they both are reaching different milestones at different ages.

Letters and Sounds

  • Bruce 18 months
  • Jenna 22 months

Sounding out CVC words

  • Bruce 2.5 y
  • Jenna 3 y

Bob Books Set 1 (first few books)

  • Bruce 4 y
  • Jenna 3.5 y

Bob Books Set 1 (the whole box)

  • Bruce 4.5 y
  • Jenna ?

Bob Books Sets 2-5

  • Bruce 4.5-5 y
  • Jenna ?

Magic Tree House Books

  • Bruce 5.5 y
  • Jenna ?

When you lay it out like that, it is easy to see the ebb and flow of learning.  Sometimes learning happens quickly, sometimes it takes more time, but it doesn’t mean that the time I spend with my children teaching them new things isn’t meaningful.

So I hope parents remember two things:

  • Kids are ready to learn when they are ready.

  • Kids might be ready to learn as soon as you are ready to teach them.