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BLISS, a new way to celebrate birth

Watch out Baby Showers!  You've got some competition.

Watch out Baby Showers! You’ve got some competition.

No, I’m not pregnant!  (That ship has sailed.) But I’m still of the age where I have lots of pregnant friends.  I have my go-to baby gifts.  I have my stock set up congratulations cards and sentiments.

All those things seem a big haggard after reading Bliss: A guide to unique gift giving for the expectant mom, by Hava Skovron.

Skovron has created a new tradition for expectant mothers which she calls BLISS.  The idea is to start in month three, and then celebrate pregnancy with a new gift every month.  Each month gets a new theme; kind of like wedding anniversaries.

Month 3 = Paper

Month 4 = Lotion

Month 5 = Cotton

Month 6 = Photo

Month 7 = Wood

Month 8 = Silver

Month 9 = Food

The BLISS gifts can be as humble or expensive as your budget dictates.  A paper gift could be a homemade gift card or a spa certificate.  A wood gift could be a simple picture frame or a brand new crib.

Cool idea, right?  The book contains hundreds of ideas for each month.  There are also suggestions for how to organize a BLISS giving group, and how to deal with adoption.

Here’s the sad part.  I read this book today while still grieving over my friends’ loss of their newborn baby.  So all of Skovron’s ideas had added meaning for me.

A pregnancy after miscarriage or infant loss is/would be very scary.  BLISS gifts could be a great way to help a hopeful mom through her fear.  Instead of having a baby shower, you could follow BLISS and send comforting gifts for the mother instead.

Paper could be a note of encouragement.  Lotion could be hand cream.  Cotton could be a set of soft pillowcases for a good night’s sleep.  All the gifts could offer encouragement and understanding.

I really love this idea of BLISS.  Thank you Hava Skorvorn for your creativity, and for giving me a complimentary copy of your book so that I could review it.