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Deep Blue Bible Review

Right next to the Legos!

Right next to the Legos!

Earlier this month my son Bruce celebrated a major milestone. As part of the third grade program at our United Methodist church, Bruce attended four “Learn to Use the Bible” classes, and then received his very own Bible with his name on it.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning service. I wish you could have seen all the kids lined up on the altar with their parents. It was a big moment for everyone.

The Bible the children received was a CEB Common English Deep Blue Kids Bible Imitation Leather Burgundy The tagline is “Diving Deep into God’s Word”.

Bruce loves the “Bet You Can, Reading Challenges” section. It’s a list of Bible versus, check boxes, and estimated times. Can you read John 1: 9-7 in one minute? I bet you can!

Bruce also likes the list of Bible verses to read when you are feeling a particular emotion. Are you anxious? Read this verse.

For my part, I appreciate Deep Blue’s very real and meaningful commentary. For example, right by the first chapter of Genesis is a “Life Preserver” box that asks “Why are there two stories of creation?” It goes on to say that the two stories are written in different ways but that both invite us to think about a God who created the universe with love.

In 1 Corinthians a “Life Preserver” box asks “Why does the Bible talk about what to wear in worship?” and then goes on to say that his is a hard passage to understand.

The Deep Blue Bible is full of color, drawings, and cartoon like characters, but it doesn’t talk down to children. It’s not patronizing. That’s why I really like it.

If there was a Deep Blue Bible for Moms, I’d buy it!