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Beeswax Candles Rock!

DIY Christmas Idea for Little Hands

DIY Christmas Idea for Little Hands

Longtime readers of Teaching My Baby to Read will know that I LOVE making beeswax candles with my kids. It’s one of our favorite fall traditions. (Here’s a post from the archives.)


We usually order the Holiday Beeswax Candle Rolling Craft Kit
on Amazon, but you can also order it straight from Hearth Song.

Beeswax sheets are very forgiving. It’s really hard to mess up, and even if something turns out ugly, it’s still a candle.

Jenna has been rolling candles since she was 20 months old. Now she’s four, and her candles are looking a lot better.


Candle making is a fun activity for kids because for twenty bucks you end up with decent presents for children to make and give the adults in their lives. Unlike many kiddie projects, these gifts are decorative and usable.

I’ll end this post with a great quote I heard for the first time today:

Light a candle instead of curse the darkness.

That’s a great thing to remember in the depth of a Puget Sound November.