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All About Spelling Level 3

Our All About Spelling Level 3 materials have arrived! I was planning on waiting until Bruce(6.5) went on Spring Break to get started with Level 3, but when he saw me punch out all of the cards he started to get excited too, and asked me if we could start now. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that in our house one spelling lesson = 20 minutes of “screen time”. 🙂

There are 28 Steps in Level 3, and our plan is to do one step each week. If we stay on track, Bruce would finish Level 3 right before he starts second grade.

This is what my box looks like with the Levels 1-3 now inside.

Here is our board set up for Level 3, including the special tags from Level 2 like the R controlled tag, and the open-door, closed-door syllable tags.

We began step one this morning while Jenna(2.5) watched half a Curious George episode on PBS kids. We still have about 5 minutes of the lesson left to complete, because we ran out of time before the school bus came.

AAS has imbedded review throughout the program, which is a really good thing since Bruce finished Level 2 almost two months ago! Today we reviewed some very important Key Cards, which we then got to see in action when Bruce built words that exemplified each spelling rule.

On a side note, it seems like every time I blog about AAS it is with a great deal of encomium. That’s not just because I signed up to be an AAS Affiliate. I signed up to be an Affiliate because I’m so impressed with the program, and because I have deep scars from living my whole life as a poor speller. That is what I do not want for my children.

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