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Back when we were making a concerted effort to teach Bruce Spanish, Vme was a core component of our daily routine. http://www.vmetv.com/ Vme is bassically, PBS in Spanish. It’s free with our cable, but you really have to search for it because it’s high up in the 300 channels.

Our favorite program to watch was “Las tres Meizzas Bebes”, which is a show from Spain about three triplets. The programs are short, and you can watch two of them in about fifteen minutes a day.

For myself personally, I really enjoy Vme a lot because unlike Univision or Telemundo, it’s not just a bunch of telenovelas. You can watch all of your favorite PBS shows, like NOVA for example, but in Spanish. Usually the Spanish is spoken more slowly too, which is quite helpful for me. The funny thing is that I think the use the same translators over an over again. So I’ll be watching an adult show, and all of a sudden it’s Bob the Builder’s voice talking!

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