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Speak Spanish with Dora & Diego! Vamanos! Let’s Go!

Jenna(26m) and I have been listening to Speak Spanish with Dora & Diego! Vamanos! Let’s Go! for a few weeks now. This is a new product in our household, purchased especially for Jenna. I did not use this with Bruce when he was little and I tried to teach him Spanish. The Dora and Diego set is created in association with Pimsleur and includes two books, two CDs, and a parent guide. There are actually four stories in all, because the books each have two stories in them.

We have used this set in several ways so far. Jenna and I have sat down and read the books together and we have also sat down in front of the CD player and listened to the CD with me helping Jenna point to the pictures in the book. The easiest (for me) way to use this set is to play the CD in the car and hand the book back to Jenna in her car seat. I’m not sure how effective this is, but she’s a captive audience in her car seat and doesn’t complain when I turn on the CD!

How effective is this program? Hmmm…. I wish I could answer that, but I honestly don’t know. It’s a lot better than Pio Peep, but on par with Play and Learn Spanish, both of which I’ll review later. It’s definitely worth checking out if your local library has it, but I’m not sure if it was worth purchasing just yet. I’ll update this review in about six months and let you know!

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