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Homemade Science Books

Homemade books can work for older kids too. As part of our Afterschooling endeavors, we have been conducting science experiments from Science Without a Net. If this was happening in a classroom or homeschool setting, I’d probably have Bruce(6) record his observations in a science notebook. But since all of this extra science is supposed to be fun, and because he already does a lot of journaling at school, I decided to write up the results myself. The result was our first homemade science book on Energy.

When attempting to assemble the book, I at first thought I would use my homemade books from brown paper bags method, but this did not work out very well. Using sheet protectors worked much better. I simply stapled them together to make a book. Over the course of the four year Grammar stage from 1st -4th grade, Bruce can collect all of the homemade science books we have made into one giant portfolio. It might even end up looking like a homemade science textbook, which will be pretty darn cool!

Grammar Stage Homemade Science Book



Forces and Motion

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