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Practice for the CogAT?

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I created practice sheets like these for my son and a couple of his friends when they took the CogAT 6. I created these worksheets after reading everything I could about IQ assessments in general, after having seen the uber expensive booklet Mercer Publishing puts out, and using my background as a teacher.

I do not want to any way comprise the CogAT screening process. 

But let’s face it, if there are test prep book out there, then it is already not a level playing field for children. I’ve also heard about kids from private schools paying upwards of $1,000 to go to weekly test prep classes in first grade.  It’s not fair for parents with limited means to have limited options.

So here are two examples of ways you can prepare a K-2 child for nonverbal questions on tests in general.  Please feel free to print these out and use them at home.

P.S.  You can also try making Logic Cards.

Update!  Is your child taking the CogAT 7?  Hmmm…  I do not yet have experience with that new version.  But here are some books from Amazon that might help.  (Disclaimer, these are Amazon Affiliate links.)


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  1. What a wonderful and insightful post. Thank you for sharing cogat practice test books. This books will surely help the students for qualify the exam and etting into Kindergarten or Grade 1.

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