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Try a Token Economy

(Point Book Front and Back)

Recently I set up a token economy for my son Bruce (6) so that I could actively practice “catching him being good” this summer. My husband and I are big believers in Positive Discipline which involves reasonable, related, respectful consequences for negative behavior. As a behavioral intervention practice, token economies don’t usually relate to Positive Discipline. But heck, sometimes as parents you have to be flexible and try different approaches, right?

Two of the years I spent teaching I used point books such as these, only I had money stamps. At the end of each week I would open up a little store and “sell” random pieces of junk. It was very popular! Using money stamps also helped my students learn math skills such as adding, multiplying, counting change, and fractions. Since Bruce already knows these concepts, I decided to go with an algebra approach this time. Each stamp takes the place of a big number, so this is a defacto beginning algebra lesson as well as a positive behavior encouragement strategy.

Here’s what the inside of the book looks like as we go along:

Bruce is in charge of using his pre-algebra skills to figure out how many points he has. 20,000 points for a $20 trip to the bookstore is a bit overly generous, but I wanted to kick off this idea in a big way with Bruce. Also, I had been planning on taking him to the bookstore anyway, so the book money budget was already there. 🙂

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