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San Diego Seminar Program

Calling all San Diego Unified School District Seminar Program Alumni!

Did you have the good fortune to attend the Seminar program?  Show your support for gifted education and help advocate for the next generation.  Please send a brief email to the school district’s current superintendent and the school board members.   

This information is current as of 1/12/12!

School Board Members: Scott Barnett, Richard Barrera, Kevin Beiser, John Lee Evans and Shelia Jackson

School Board Emails: sbarnett@sandi.net, rbarrera1@sandi.net, KevinBeiser@yahoo.com, johnleeevans@sandi.net, sjackson@sandi.net

 Superintendent: Bill Kowba, superintendent@sandi.net

Here is the email I am sending myself:

Dear Superintendent Kowba and School Board Members,

My name is Jennifer Bardsley.  I would like to express my gratitude to the San Diego Unified School District for the wonderful education I received as part of the Seminar Program when I was young.  I was blessed to be taught by a long line of amazing Seminar teachers including Mrs. McClintock, Mr. Gray, Ms. Dawson, Ms. Graham, Mr. Bowls, Mr. delRio, Mr. Ankeny, Mrs. Dickerson, and so many more.  I went on to graduate from Stanford University and become a teacher myself.

I am still friends with many of my former Seminar buddies and I can tell you that your investment in us was a smart bet.  As adults, we are the type of people who vote for school bonds and levies.  We volunteer in our children’s classrooms.  We write letters to the editors.  Some of us are the biggest supporters of public education you have ever seen.

Thank you for recognizing that as children, we had unique social and academic needs that could not be met in regular ed classrooms.  Thank you for protecting us from being isolated in the corner doing worksheets, bullied as “nerds”, or unfairly labeled as discipline problems because we were so different.

Thank you for giving us the best chance you could.


Jennifer Bardsley

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