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Make a Personal Dictionary

Tip of the Week to share with parents

Have you ever been trying to cook dinner, only to be constantly interrupted by your kid yelling “MOM HOW DO YOU SPELL BECAUSE?”

Man, that is so annoying! Plus, it’s not conducive to learning.

You start yelling back “B-E-C…” only to have your kid yell “WAIT! SLOW DOWN! B WHAT?” Then, five minutes later you hear, MOM! HOW DO YOU SPELL BECAUSE AGAIN? I FORGET.”

In order to solve this problem, use a classic teacher trick:

Make a personal dictionary for your child.

All you need is blank paper, pens, and a stapler. Whenever your child asks you to spell a word, immediately write it down in his dictionary. That way there is no yelling and he can refer to it again and again.

Don’t forget to keep the dictionary in your child’s writing corner, so it never gets lost!

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