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Create an I Read/You Read Box

Tip of the Week to share with parents

When you and your child read the same book together simultaneously, and then discuss what you have read, you can help your child learn new vocabulary, reading comprehension strategies, and the beginnings of literary interpretation.

But what happens if all your child wants to read is Captain Underpants?  Who wants to discuss that?

One suggestion is to create an “I Read/You Read Challenge” box.

The way the box works is simple; when your child finishes a book she drops it in the box and then mom or dad reads it too.  That way you can discuss it.  (So yes, you may end up having to discuss Captain Poo-Poo-Pants.)

Here’s the catch:

The box also works in reverse.

Mom can read a quality children’s literature title of her choosing, and drop that book in the box.  Now kiddo has to read the book too.

A deal is a deal right?

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