Teaching My Baby To Read

Part of my reading list for children inspired by spring quarter of Stanford’s SLE program includes finding a book for kids that introduced them to Virginia Woolf. I could only find one book out there that met this task, but luckily it was a good one.

Virginia Wolf by Kyo Maclear is something that both my 2 year old and my 7 year old have enjoyed. The illustrations by Isabelle Arsenault are absolutely charming, and the hand lettering is done in D’nealian, which is the handwriting program my son Bruce uses at school.

Virginia Wolf tells the story of two sisters named Virginia and Vanessa. One day, Virginia wakes up in a really sour mood and turns into a wolf. Vanessa spends the rest of the book trying to help her sister choose to feel better. At one point, Bloomsberry is mentioned. When we finally see Virginia’s face without the wolf head, she does indeed have a very distinctive looking nose.

This book is similar in merit to When Sophie Gets Angry because it helps children understand “big emotions” and think about socially appropriate ways to handle them. I’m not sure how much either of my kids learned about the real Virginia Woolf, but they are at least going to be familiar with her name and know that sometimes she suffered from really dark moods.

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