Teaching My Baby To Read

This past week Bruce(6.5) and I read Muslim Child: Understanding Islam Through Stories and Poems by Rukhsana Khan as part of my Inspired by SLE Reading List Part 2.

I thought that for your average American I knew a decent amount about Islam but three chapters into Muslim Child I am realizing how ignorant I am. For example, I knew that prayer was one of the five pillars of Islam but I did not know that the first prayer, or Fajr, had to be done before sunrise. So at certain points in the year this can mean waking your whole family up at 4:30 AM, washing, praying, and then going back to bed. That really teaches kids about discipline and commitment!

Another story we read was about a girl who was grown up enough to try fasting for Ramadan for the first time. It really made Bruce and I both think about growing up, taking on new responsibility, and perseverance.

I am really excited to be reading this book with Bruce right now, and someday with Jenna(2) too, because I want both of them to have understanding about the other people and faiths in the world around them. I want Bruce and Jenna to think about how other people think, in order to better form their own opinions and beliefs. I also want them to have kindness and understanding for their neighbors, and an appreciation for morality in every culture.

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