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When Sophie Get’s Angry…

This is one of my absolute favorite books for young children to learn about recognizing and managing their emotions.  (That’s called Social Emotional Learning in teacher-speak.)   This book is an SEL classic!  It’s called When Sophie Gets Angry – Really, Really Angry… and it’s by Molly Bang.

My husband and I read this book over and over to Bruce when he was little.  Just like Sophie, Bruce is often “a volcano ready to explode”.  When Bruce was little, we talked with him about how he often felt like Sophie and got really, really angry.  But we also talked about how Sophie learned to calm down, and rejoin her family in a positive way.

Jenna is such a different child and temperament than Bruce, that it is truly remarkable that they are both my children!  When we read Sophie to Jenna, we talk about how she relates to the little sister in the book, who has to deal with her older sibling Sophie getting angry.  It’s so interesting how both of my kids are gaining insight from the same book, but in entirely different ways.

This is definitely a good book for Guided Reading.  Simply reading it aloud to children doesn’t do it justice.  The conversation and the personal connections to their real life are what make Sophie so meaningful.