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Lincoln for Kids

Having just read Sherman the Ruthless Victor, I decided to get out one of our family’s all-time favorite Jim Weiss recordings: Abraham Lincoln and the Heart of America to listen to in the car this weekend. Bruce has been listening to this CD since he was four years old and is the background for one of our family’s all time funniest stories about Bruce.

When Bruce was four years old he was spending the night at Grammy and Papa’s house. Papa was watching a PBS documentary on Andrew Jackson, and Bruce had crept into the room and was watching with him. Then Grammy came into the room and remarked, “Oh, you’re watching something on the Civil War.” Papa said that this wasn’t the case, and they started arguing the point.

Finally, Bruce broke into the conversation to settle the issue. “Grammy,” he said. “You’re thinking of Stonewall Jackson. This show is about Andrew Jackson.”

How did my preschooler know who Stonewall Jackson was? “Abraham Lincoln and the Heart of America”! We have listened to this CD about twenty times now, and unfortunately it is now scratched in places from overuse. It keeps skipping in the middle of the Gettysburg Address, which is really annoying. I might have to buy a new copy for Jenna when she turns four. 🙂

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