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As an educator, I believe in giving children free time to play around in the backyard, goof off, and generally be a kid.  But let’s face it; time spent in the car is usually wasted time.   Some people use extended car trips as an opportunity for their children to break out the DS.  In our household, car time is used strategically and purposefully.  That’s because carschooling is one of the easiest ways to expand on your child’s education.  You have a captive audience on your hands, so you might as well use that to your advantage!

Of course, none of our carschooling curriculum is meant to take the place of meaningful conversation, and we don’t listen to educational CDs every day.  If I sense that either one of my kids would like to talk or has something they would like to share, of course I turn the CDs off at once. But if you think about it, every time you ride in the car you are probably listening to some sort of background noise already, usually the radio.  So instead of listening to Radio Disney, why not immerse your children in history, language and meaningful ideas instead?

 Some of our favorite CDs:

First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind

The Story of the World Volume 1

The Story of the World Volume 2

The Story of the World Volume 3

Beethoven Lives Upstairs

Mr. Bach Comes to Call

Mozart’s Magic Fantasy

Greek Myths

Sherlock Holmes for Children

Abraham Lincoln and the Heart of America

Fairytale Favorites in Story and Song

Speak Spanish with Dora & Diego! Vamanos! Let’s Go!

Kindermusik CDs

Yellow is the Sun

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