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Art on Mondays, Day 3

Once again my usual disclaimer: I AM SO NOT AN ART MOM!!!! Irene Luxbacher’s 123 I Can Paint is helping me change this (hopefully) and give my kids a chance to get messy. (Here are my Week 3 plans for A STEM Summer.)

Lesson #3 (pp 10-11) is called “Warm and Friendly” and it teaches the concepts warm colors vs. cool colors . I don’t know what went wrong with this activity. Things were going okay, but then we all ended up with way too much paint on our paper. When it dried, Bruce’s flowers all melted together. Clearly I do not know what I am doing as an art teacher! On the plus side, we are learning about blending colors and the different shapes and brush strokes you can make with different brushes.

This is Bruce’s final product. He’s 7.

This is Jenna’s work. She’s 3.

Here are my results. I would appear that I am an 8-year-old painting, but really I’m in my 30s. 🙂

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