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A STEM Summer, Week #2

For those of you following along, here are my Week 2 Plans for A STEM Summer.

Weekly Theme: Farms

Monday/ART: Light and Dark pp. 8-9 in I Can Paint! by Irene Luxbacher

Tuesday/SCIENCE: Soda Bottle Terrarium (Ecology)

Wednesday/TECHNOLOGY: Make a movie about  The Woodland Park Zoo

Thursday/ENGINEERING: Build a solar oven (Environmental Engineering)

Friday/MATH: Fun with the Math Balance (Jenna), Hands on Equations(Bruce)

Materials Needed:

Art: green, white, black, blue, red and yellow paint, art paper, and (optional) a foam roller

Science: a 2-liter bottle of soda (with cap), soil, rocks or pebbles, a sharpie, seeds and/or small plants, and (optional) activated charcoal and spaghnum moss

Engineering: 1 pizza box, newspaper, scissors, tape black paper, plastic wrap, foil and a ruler

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