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Art on Mondays, Day 1

Can I just confess that I am soooooo not an “art mom”? But when I read things like Raising Artistic Children on blogs like Exploring More I get inspired.

For the Art on Mondays segment of my A STEM Summer plans, I needed something really basic and teacher-proof (although I HATE that term). Irene Luxbacher’s 123 I Can Paint is the perfect, inexpensive book for me because it is holding my hand through the whole process. (Here are my Week 1 plans for A STEM Summer.)

Just unleashing my two-year-old with finger paint inside my house is scary to me. But I’m coping.

Lesson #1 (pp 6-7) is called Mix it Up and it teaches the terms primary and secondary colors.

This is Bruce’s final product. He’s 7.

This is Jenna’s work. She’s almost 3.

Here are my results. I’m 30ish. 🙂

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