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Cute new picture book for kids!

Right now my daughter an I are loving our nightly reading of Lizzie and Lou Seal by the talented author/illustrator Patricia Keeler. A day at the beach, some adorable flip-flops, an inflatable seal, and pretty seashells…what could go wrong? If you’re Lizzie and Lou Seal your happy outing is about to hit a snag! Can anyone say “deflate?”

Lizzie and Lou Seal is one of those books that will make you look twice at every illustration because you want to catch the details. It’s also rhythmic, catchy, and fun to read aloud. Lizzie and Lou Seal is packed with onomatopoeias especially when Lou Seal looses air. It’s a fast read, perfect for toddlers on up.

The only thing I can’t figure out, is where are Lizzie’s parents? I’m not sure an inflatable marine mammal qualifies as sufficient supervision at the beach!