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“Counting Thyme” by Melanie Conklin

Here’s my eleven-year-old son’s review of Counting Thyme by Melanie Conklin:

Counting Thyme is an enchanting read that tells the story of Thyme and her cancer-stricken brother Val,  who are forced to move to New York for Val’s treatment. Thyme longs to connect with her friends back in San Diego, but it remains hopeless. Then Thyme remembers the “Thyme Jar,” a jar that her mother made shortly after Val was diagnosed. The “Thyme Jar” has pieces of paper for “me time,” time that Thyme can just be alone and use to her heart’s content.

Thyme’s new school isn’t so bad either, although there are a few jerks at it. Jake, on the other hand, is not a jerk. Quite the opposite, in fact. And then there’s a new adult in Thyme’s life who makes things better.

All in all, I think Counting Thyme is definitely a worthwhile read. Kids from ages eight to fourteen would like it. It is full of deep emotions.IMG_20160430_154201

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