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“Hour of the Bees” by Lindsay Eagar

It’s hard discovering a book my fifth grader hasn’t read, but Hour of the Bees, by debut author Lindsay Eagar, is a fresh pick for 2016. Here’s my son’s review:

The Hour of the Bees is a lovely read, well worth my time. It tells the story of a girl named Carol and her grandfather, who has dementia. My great-grandmother has dementia too, but (no offense) she’s not nearly as interesting as Grandpa Serge. Carol’s grandpa starts telling odd stories, and they all chalk it up to dementia. But when the words of the story start coming out into real life Carol wonders: “Is it really just dementia or is there something strange afoot?”

Hour of the Bees didn’t start with a big bang, but by twenty pages in it was really going. I stayed up all night to read it. I couldn’t have slept without finding out what happened. I think this book is great for ages five (with a parent reading it) to fifteen.

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