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Attention Teachers: “Fenway and Hattie” is a fabulous book for teaching POV

In addition to being the most adorable middle grade book I’ve read in a long time, Fenway and Hattie by Victoria J. Coe is an exceptional resource for teaching kids about point of view. “Why?” do you ask. “Woof.” Because the narrator is a dog of course!

Fenway is a Jack Russell Terrier big at heart and full of wild observations. He devotes hours to understanding his favorite short human, Hattie, and how to best please her. Fenway is a professional. He alerts Food Lady and Fetch Man to intruders, chases nasty squirrels at the dog park, and is willing to do anything it takes–even if it means braving the Wicked Floor–to protect his family.

Both of my kids ages ten and six adored Fenway and Hattie. The former teacher in me couldn’t help thinking what an awesome read aloud this would be in a 1st-4th grade classroom. Not only is it funny and heartfelt, but it would tie in perfectly to writer’s workshop.

Fenway and Hattie hits stores February 9, 2016. I received an early look at an Advanced Review Copy as part of my membership in The Sweet Sixteens, and then mailed it off to the next reader. I’ll definitely buy a copy to keep!

Merlin is depressed because the book is all over now.

Merlin is depressed because the book is all over now.