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How to move forward with my blog?

10658941_1556441061252843_568117218963233238_oI used to blog every day. I used to dream up posts in the middle of the night that I was dying to share. I still do. The difference between now and four years ago is that my kids are older. At ten and six year olds, I don’t feel comfortable revealing details about their education with the wild world of the Internet. I already share enough general information in my weekly newspaper column.

However, the former K-4 teacher in me is dying to post about all of the new things I’m learning about Afterschooling, specifically about helping kids with dyslexia. Now that I’m also an author with a book coming out in fall of 2016, I have access to advanced review copies of middle grade and young adult books that I’d love to talk about too. So I’ve decided to keep blogging, but no longer mention my kids. Bruce and Jenna weren’t their real names anyway. 😉

Stay tuned for the next chapter of Teaching My Baby to Read. I still have some tricks up my sleeves!

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