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A Modern Day Fairy Tale Set in Norway

Are you in the mood for an old fashioned magical jaunt? Zaria Fierce and the Secret of Gloomwood Forest by Keira Gillett is a classic “perilous adventure” book for middle grade readers. Set in Norway, Zaria Fierce includes trolls, winter-wyvern, ellefolken and more. It also has a modern timeframe, so don’t be surprised if you see iPads or mobile phones pop up.

The plot centers around a girl named Zaria, who has recently moved to Norway because of her father’s role in the military. On her way to school one day she crosses a bridge and accidentally encounters the attention of a horrible troll named Olaf. He demands Zaira pay a price that will take all of her courage and ingenuity to pay.

There were times I found the dialogue to be a bit unusual. Most kids don’t say things like “We are fickle are we not?” or “I met the criteria of your demands.” But there were many other parts of the book that were quite clever like the appearance of dry-ice grenades and the plot twist at the end. I especially enjoyed the illustrations by Eoghan Kerrigan. Somebody please give this man a picture book contract!

I received a free copy of Zaria Fierce from the author in exchange for my honest opinions and review. You can find out more, by checking out the beautiful book trailer.

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