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Reading Focus Cards


A month ago I purchased Reading Focus Cards to help support my daughter’s ability to track words. In the past, I’ve made homemade versions of the same idea for free (see how here), but I felt we were ready for an upgrade.

The benefit of reading focus cards is that they come with different colored films and your child gets to choose which color window is the best fit for his or her brain. After a lot of experimentation, Jenna chose yellow.

This is what the reading focus cards look like in action:





The big question: do they help?

Since I’m a fast reader–technically a “speed reader”, the cards slow me down considerably, although they do improve my comprehension. But I wasn’t purchasing the card for me; they are meant for my daughter.

Jenna is very neutral about them. Sometimes she wants to use the cards, sometimes she doesn’t. But as her mom, I’m glad I bought them and have the cards as an available resource.


  1. Joan Brennan says:

    Dear Jennifer,

    Thank you not only for purchasing our customizable Reading Focus Cards (Patent 7,565,759), solutions for struggling readers, but also for taking the time to write a review for them.

    It is good that you made the distinction between your and your daughter’s use of these unique reading aids. We recommend the sensory-appealing Reading Focus Cards for challenged readers rather than for “veteran” readers who experience no reading issues. These tools became a reality when students with ADHD in my own classroom (as late as 8th grade) struggled to focus and read at grade level.

    Since 2008, our reading tools have helped children and adults with ADHD, dyslexia, autism, low vision, stroke, brain injury, Parkinson’s, MS and other conditions that can impact reading ability. Today, the Reading Focus Cards are not only used in the U.S. and Canada but throughout the world. For less than $17.00 (USD), a struggling reader of any age can customize 2 different sizes of the Reading Focus Cards to help improve focus, tracking, comprehension and retention.

    You and your good readers might also like to know that there is now a digital version of this tool. In November 2014, the infinitely-customizable Reading Focus Cards desktop app was published for Macs and Windows PCs (& Microsoft Surface Pro tablets, too). To learn more about this app, please visit http://www.focusandread.com/page/488513590.

    For your daughter, it will be best if she chooses when to use the Reading Focus Cards. Although her age is not mentioned in the review, it is hoped that if she can read without difficulty, she may not need to use them. As her mother, you will know best about this of course. It is good that you mentioned them as being one more option, perhaps for breaking down words into phonemes or syllables, etc. in word-attack activities.

    Thank you again for your review of our Reading Focus Cards. If you or your readers have any questions about our reading solutions or need help with a child’s reading challenges, please do not hesitate to call us at 314-892-3897 for a FREE 15-minute phone consultation.

    Happy Reading!

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