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Instant Homemade Books


Homemade books are one of the best examples of how parents can help kids learn to read. In a classroom setting, personalized books are difficult to manage. But at home, Mom and child can whip out a book in fifteen minutes. The whole point is to create leveled readers with meaningful content that is sure to engage your kid’s interest.

Homemade books don’t have to be perfect. I talk a lot on my blog about making homemade books from brown paper bags, but there are a myriad of other ways to create them.

Here’s an example of a book my five-year-old daughter and I made for her baby cousin last weekend. Jenna told me what to write and did the illustrations. Sometimes I helped prompt her, but pretty much the words were her own.


Notice how Jenna didn’t want to draw a picture for page one. Totally okay!


See how Jenna drew over the words? That’s okay too.


Rain, yes, well you can tell we live near Seattle! This is a very realistic plot development.


Normally I like to have one sentence per page at this level, but I honored what my daughter wanted me to write.


All in all, this book took us about 15 minutes to create. Then afterward, Jenna read it several times to her cousin. She felt very proud of her creation.

Ideally, it’s best to make 1-2 homemade books per week. Realistically, this is hard to accomplish, especially if you have multiple children. But once school starts in a couple of weeks, Jenna and I are going to be making lots of books as part of my afterschooling plan for half-day Kindergarten.

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