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Adventure Bible for Early Readers, review


There are several things I like about the Adventure Bible for Early Readers, published by ZonderKidz. (The publishers sent me a free copy in exchange for my honest opinions and review.)

The 3D cover is really cool. I’m not sure if you can tell from the picture, but it’s a hologram of two kids heading off for an adventure. That immediately captured my kids’ attention.

I also really like the NIrV translation. In Romans 16:1 it translates “diakonos” as “deacon” for Phoebe. That’s awesome.

The maps and dictionary that go with this Bible are also nice.

But will I give this Bible to my kids? No!

There are a lot of “explanations” in this Bible that shove a very particular understanding of Christianity on young children. Adam was absolutely 100% the first human. (p 4) The gospels of Mathew, Mark, Luke and John were 100% for sure written by Mathew, Mark, Luke and John. (pp 1,163, 1,207, 1,235, 1,281)  People who don’t believe in Jesus will be thrown in lake of fire forever. (p 1,536)

I kept waiting to find a “Did you Know” section saying the Earth was 7,000 years old, but thankfully that wasn’t included!

Looking for a kids' Bible? Deep Blue is a better choice.

Looking for a kids’ Bible? Deep Blue is a better choice.

I was very disappointed with the Adventure Bible because it targets a narrow audience. If they had just removed some of the dogma, it would have opened up the readership to a wider section of Christians.

By comparison the Deep Blue Kids Bible is amazing. It encourages kids to think and isn’t afraid of tough questions.

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  1. agilitynut says:

    But Adam was the first person created by God, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John did write the first four gospels and yes.. if you don’t love God you are condemned to spend eternity separated from him. That’s not dogma.. that’s reading the bible….and accepting it’s truth.

    • If Adam was the first human being, why are their two creation stories in Genesis? It’s possible to believe that both creation stories teach us important things about God and humanity without them being literally true.

      My understanding is that most scholars agree that the Gospels were written several generations after Jesus lived. That doesn’t change their meaning at all. In fact, you could view it as making the Gospels more meaningful. These were the stories that were so important, they were retold over and over again for a hundred years until they were written down.

      I cannot believe in a God who would throw just people into a lake of fire to burn forever just because they didn’t believe in John 3:16. That doesn’t vibe with what I know to be a just and loving God.

      I believe that God is like a house with many windows. I’m looking at God through my own window. “God looks like a kitchen,” I say. You’re looking at God through yours. “God looks like a living room,” you say. A follower of Islam is looking at God through their window. “God looks like a dining room,” they say. My Jehovah Witness cousins are looking at God through their window. “God’s like a bedroom,” they say. We all are looking at God.

      But those are my beliefs, and I offer no judgment against those who believe differently than I do. Thank you for your comment!

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